hi i have a 1964 12 inch dam troll doll. it is dress in a caveman outfit which i believe is original and it has a tooth around its neck do you know if the tooth is original thanks for your help. also can you tell me how best to comb tangled hair

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Here’s some examples of the caveman troll, the top picture is from the actual brochure that shows the original tooth necklace. 

The whole brochure front and back is on EverTroll Link: Vintage Troll Articles and Ads

and also

EverTroll talks about

Link: Common Troll Repair Questions

Link:  Types of Hair

i'm selling my dam troll and was wondering if you might know someone who is interested in buying trolls? thanks in advance fuucckk-upp

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These might help you out:

Link Yahoo Group: Thomas Dam Troll BUY AND SELL CLUB

Link Facebook Group: Troll Doll Buy/Sell/Trade Club

I recently bought a couple trolls from a co-worker. A big baby looking one, it's says TH DAM 1979 on its foot and 806 on the other foot. And another old man troll he's way cute. Do you anything about these trolls? vicanndrive

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It sounds like you have an earlier version of the Greta, Henry and Livvy 1979, 806 series.  Here is Link:  pages 17 and 18 from the Norfin Troll Family Album 1992 versions but if you check out Link:  DAG Original Designs it talks about the 806 TH DAM 1979 and Grandpa and Grandma Trolls with pictures.

Page 17 and 18 from the 1992 Norfin Troll Family Album

For earlier versions of Livvy #8061, Henry #8062 and Gretta #8063

Markings:  806 TH Dam 1979

Grandpa #7002 and Grandma #7001

Markings:  Thomas Dam 1977 Made in Denmark

Check out Link:   DAG Original Designs

and also

Link:  Evertroll

To see photos of the trolls listed above, click Link:  HERE to go to Evertroll post, “Names to go with faces.”

(reference troll mail)

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